Top Reasons To Invest in Bitcoin

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Dubbed as the world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has certainly achieved impressive success and continues to soar in popularity across the globe.

No wonder more and more investors worldwide have been taking on this unique financial instrument that has definitely changed the world drastically.

Here are just some of the numerous advantages Bitcoin has to offer!

Top 5 Reasons To Invest in Bitcoin

•  Continuous Growth

According to data, the number of Bitcoin users grew from 45 million in January 2020 to 65 million in January 2021 - a whopping 44% increase in just one year! Currently, there are approximately 100 million Bitcoin wallets with value, with 1 million users transacting Bitcoin each day.

• Track Record

Bitcoin has consistently surpassed its most recent all-time highs, achieving full recovery after a price crash or other setbacks.

• Liquidity

Bitcoin can easily be traded for cash or assets like gold - instantly and with incredibly low fees! This makes Bitcoin a great investment for people especially looking for short-term profit. Likewise, Bitcoin is also considered for long-term investment due to its high market demand.

• Lower Inflation Risk

Bitcoin is not susceptible to inflation like world currencies that are regulated by their governments. In fact, Bitcoin is considered as an inflation hedge mainly because of its limited supply that is not influenced by its price.

• Simplified Trading

No need for a certificate/license or a broker. Unlike stock trading, Bitcoin trading is simple and minimalistic - just buy or sell Bitcoin from exchange platforms and keep them in your digital Bitcoin wallet.

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