Firas M. Isa

Co-Founder and CEO of Virtual Assets, LLC
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Firas is an entrepreneur and graduate of the department of political science at Saint Xavier University. At Saint Xavier, he acquired a reputation for investing early in disruptive companies before they became popular. As an undergraduate in the faculty of political science at Loyola University and Saint Xavier, Firas always had a keen interest in solving the problems that lead countries into political instability and that have plagued the world for some time. During his time at university, Firas also studied important questions about how the use of fiat currency affects people differently in different parts of the world. His keen study of societies across the world taught him that the perpetuation of this brokenness is intrinsically tied to how different economies value and distribute their fiat currencies. Upon realizing this, he understood that cryptocurrencies would soon become an integral part of the global economy. He chose to invest in Bitcoin around 2015, specifically because of his belief that it was the safest choice to protect wealth against rising inflation. Later, his research would lead him to found Virtual Assets, LLC d/b/a Crypto Dispensers, to make Bitcoin more accessible by operating Bitcoin ATMs in high-traffic locations. Today, Crypto Dispensers offers the fastest, safest, and most convenient ways to buy Bitcoin with cash throughout the United States. To Firas, Bitcoin presents the perfect solution to global political instability as it is decentralized, is not based on individual debt, and is readily accessible to everyone regardless of past financial success. It's the perfect solution to empower people around the world and Firas founded Crypto Dispensers to make that solution available to everyone by developing an infrastructure that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin. Crypto Dispensers offers the the fastest, safest, and easiest way to turn cash into cryptocurrency—and Firas believes that it is the key to unlocking an inclusive crypto economy. Firas is always seeking investment opportunities and hopes that Crypto Dispensers will help bring economic balance back to society so that everyone has an equal chance at financial success.

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Firas M. Isa

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